ACC Counselling

Christchurch Therapy works closely with people who are engaging in the therapy and sourcing ACC funding.

ACC funds counselling for people who have been affected by sexual violence.

Here are a few common questions and answers sourced from the ACC website that might be useful to understand the process.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse or assault in New Zealand can seek assistance from ACC, including visitors to this country. We may also be able to assist if you’re a New Zealand resident who was overseas when the abuse occurred.

Why engage in therapy?

The effects of sexual abuse or assault can be wide-ranging and may be physical, emotional, psychological or behavioural. Everyone’s different. It’s important that you get started with the support that’s right for you and when you’re ready.

Everybody has a different response to the abuse they suffered. For example you might be depressed, anxious, have sexual problems, not be able to trust people, abuse drugs or alcohol, have nightmares or flashbacks, have relationship problems, or just feel unsafe.

Talking with an experienced therapist can help you understand what’s going on and look at practical ways to deal with it. Our therapists are used to helping people of any age, and from different backgrounds and cultures. They are professionals with diverse skills and experience from a range of disciplines. They can offer different types of treatment depending on your individual needs, including counselling and other therapies.

Does this incident need to be reported to the police?

You don’t need to have reported the incident to the Police to get our help, although ACC encourage people to come forward. ACC appreciate that sometimes people are not ready to make a formal complaint, and they want you to have the best opportunity to recover.

 What if the incident happened a long time ago?

It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened ACC will support you when you are ready

How much will it cost me?

ACC pays the full cost of counselling for sexual violence. (Note that ACC will not pay for counselling for problems it does not consider were caused by the sexual violence.)

What defines sexual abuse or assault?

  • Sexual violence includes most forms of sexual violation, rape, unwanted sexual contact, or indecent assault on an adult.
  • ALL sexual contact with children.
  • Female genital mutilation.

Can I see any counsellor?

ACC will only fund counselling provided by an ACC Registered Counsellor.

If I want counselling for sexual abuse do I have to see an ACC counsellor?

You only have to see an ACC counsellor if you want ACC to pay for your therapy. There are many counsellors, psychotherapists, and psychologists who provide excellent treatment for sexual abuse who choose not to register with ACC. Likewise, some clients prefer not to put in an ACC claim and to pay for their counselling themselves.


 How do I apply for ACC counselling?

The first thing to do is to make contact with an ACC Counsellor they will explain the process to you. Click here to make contact with Gareth at Christchurch Therapy.

 You don’t have to wait for ACC to process your claim, you can start therapy straight away.

You can choose how long you want counselling for. You can take a break and come back to counselling at a later time, and it is okay to change counsellors if you want someone who suits you better.

Free Consultation:

Trying any new services can be daunting, especially if you’re not 100% sure.

This is why at Christchurch Therapy the first phone consultation is absolutely free. It’s designed this way to take away all the risk for you.

You can try it, answer any questions you may have, see if it’s a right fit for you, without having to commit to anything.