Services And Fees

Christchurch Therapy is a mental wellness service based out of Christchurch, providing individual therapy to people who want to make changes to their life. (Both long and short term)


Even though it is based in Christchurch the service is not limited to people locally – due to the online service available.

Christchurch Therapy specialises in working with:

Low Mood & Depression


Confidence & Self Esteem

Lifestyle Changes (Quality of life, Reducing Stress, Burnout, Goals, Success, Health & Habits)

Face to Face

“Face to Face” is a service when you meet in person at a scheduled time. Meeting in person adds more to the experience and another dimension than over the phone. If it is possible for to meet in person then I highly recommend this option. These meetings can be conducted in Christchurch Therapy’s office.


Online service is great for people who cannot make the Face to Face session. This works well for people who do not live locally, restricted with busy schedules or for any other reason. Each session will be conducted by a scheduled online Skype video call or over the phone.

Fees per appointment. $130 GST incl. / appointment

Therapy sessions are scheduled at a frequency that suits you and your particular situation. Standard fee for individual therapy service is $120.00 per one hour session.