Christchurch Therapy's Aim and Vision

“While working in the mental health field for a number of years, I couldn’t help notice some limitations and barriers people were experiencing when looking for and engaging in a mental health service. Here at Christchurch Therapy our goal is to minimise these potential barriers and make the whole process and stress free as possible. “ – Gareth, Founder of Christchurch Therapy.  

At Christchurch Therapy, our aim is to be the number one destination people approach to create mental wellness in their lives.

Christchurch therapy is continuing to actively work towards changing the stigma of mental health in New Zealand.

Christchurch Therapy remains true its core values that structures and gives direction in all of work associated.

These core values include:

Creating a safe and ethical environment.

Respecting the client’s values and beliefs.

Client and centred (working from their point of view)

Remaining non-judgemental

Having the clients’ best interest in mind.

Being true and honest with all work provided.

Remain supportive throughout the whole process.