Confidence & Self Esteem

What exactly is confidence and self esteem?

Confidence, self esteem, and how we see ourselves plays an important part in our lives. Confidence is an attitude that you hold about yourself, that allows you to move forward in life.
As people, we are all social beings. How we see ourselves, how we interact with others can play a crucial part in our lives. It can be really tough if you have low confidence and self esteem. It can be awful having to go through life with low confidence.

Why is being confident so important?

In life you don’t have to be confident, it’s not compulsory or a requirement. Yet there are some benefits from being confident.
Confident people have faith in their future. They seem to have a general sense of control within their own lives.
Within limits, due to their confident mindset, they can plan out and expect to do whatever their mind to, no matter what happens. They seem to have this inner drive that gets them to the end result.
Being confident in life doesn’t mean you think everything will work out. It’s having faith in yourself no matter that task is, to give it a go and be ok with whatever the outcome might be.

How to increase self-esteem and confidence?

Confidence is a learned trait, not inherited. Usually we have learned this socially from other people in our lives. Usually form a role model, or an important figure to us.
Confidence is like a muscle – you have to exercise it or you loose it.
Even though this exercise doesn’t require lifting heavy weights or running, it’s a workout for your emotions.

We would work together to analyse and break down what confidence means to you. Understanding the science behind what goes into making and feeling more confident.
From there we would establish a clear action plan with strategies and tools to help implement this new confidence into your lifestyle. Along the way you will receive ongoing support, having someone there with you, reevaluating your progress, changing the approach if needed, keeping you motivated, and celebrating your success along the way.

Take the first step to getting more confidence in your life.